GMT - 01

Utility 24-Dual Time watches with SWISS movement.
Elegant, premium quality watches with affortable prices.


The Swiss GMT movement allows you to tell time in two locations at once. The Diplomat can take you around the world without losing track of where you came from.

If you are looking for a reliable travelling companion, consider
 the new MERIDIEM GMT01watch.
The novelty shows two time zones simultaneously.



Busy in the City, people that not easy to see the sky but easily lose your sense of day and night.

Function with a 24 hour movement / dial, you can easily tell the time. Useful for people who need to keep track of time all over the world use a world timer.

Design detail with building and architecture structure line, Strongly show the light & shadow effect to incorporating unique, modernism and industrialism, to create a product that is
instantly identifiable as a GMT01watch.

GMT-01 watches telling

DUAL TIME in a simple yet elegant way.

GMT01- creates the functionality with DUAL TIME and beauty of a Swiss movement by Ronda for reliability and accuracy. Setting the time is easy and 4 Hands for indicate TWO Time Zones. It is a quality handmade watch useful enough for everyday wear. Functional, comfortable and with the best materials.

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