FAQ #1 -

Why is the crown at the 9 o'clock position when traditionally it has been at 3 o'clock?  

Crown position other than at 3 o'clock? "I wear on my left hand and I find the crown will press into my hand very often ."

An example of this is our reassessment of the placement of the crown and it’s current lack of ergonomic function. As watch wearers we found that watch crowns often dug into the back of our hands and metacarpals—making them slightly uncomfortable.

Traditionally crowns were placed at the 3:00 position so they could be wound while wearing them. However, with a quartz movement there is no need to wind a mainspring like on a mechanical movement. But even then, when one needs to wind a mechanical movement it is most likely taken off the wrist to do so.

The only reason a person would need to access the crown of a watch is for adjusting the time for daylight savings (twice a year) or when crossing time zones.

Why then should we be uncomfortable 99% of the time for something we only use 1% (or less) of the time?

Where 90% of humans are right-handed So we decided to move the crown position from the usual 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock (Sorry Lefties, we left you out again)

FAQ #2 -

What does ATM mean?  

Crown ATM means Atmosphere and is an international reference of pressure and water resistance. Please see Watch guide section for more info below.


FAQ #3 -

How to adjust Mesh Band size?  

Mesh Band adjustment instruction

FAQ #4 -

No indexes, how to read the time?