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FAQ #1 -
What does ATM mean?  

Crown ATM means Atmosphere and is an international reference of pressure and water resistance. Please see Watch guide section for more info below.

FAQ #2 -
How to adjust Mesh Band size?  

Mesh Band adjustment instruction

FAQ #3 -
Can I use MERIDIEM Straps on other watch ? 

All MERIDIEM watch straps come with quick-change straps, allowing you to quickly switch between all straps of suitable size. The lug width, or the width of the straps that can be used, is dependent on the model. Please check the size for your specific model before purchase.


FAQ #4 -
Is there any maintenance required for the watch?

In general, you should avoid exposing your watch to physical shocks, extreme changes in temperature and humidity, as well as protect it from water. To keep your watch clean, we recommend carefully cleaning the watch with a damp cloth from time to time. Make sure you keep your mechanical watch away from magnet to get rid from magnetization, this may cause defect to your watch.

FAQ #5 -
Why did my mechanical watch stop?

Automatic Mechanical watches are powered by the movement's mechanical parts, not by a battery. This means that the owner of the watch is required to wind up the watch to keep it running by storing energy into the spring. The movement is fitted with an oscillating weight called the rotor – meaning that the watch automatically winds and powers itself from the owner's natural wrist movement. When the power reserve left in the watch runs down due to the watch not being worn, the watch stops running and needs to be re-set before wearing again.

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