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***We ship the majority of our orders from fulfilment warehouse in Hong Kong. Delivery usually takes 10-15 business days, although it's often shorter.

Never included any special watchband or anything of personal value in your shipment as it may not be returned to you. The Service is not responsible for replacing product lost in-transit.

***You must pay the cost of returning the goods (including taxes and customs duty).

***If the article is received by us in a damaged condition (product defect caused by the customer), it will not be exchanged, but will be returned to the customer at the latter’s expense. If the article is in its normal condition, we will cover the cost of sending the new product (excluding customs duties + taxes).

***Once we have examined the details given on your defective product return form, we reserve the option of refusing your request for legitimate reasons (guarantee period has ended, defect not covered by the guarantee, inappropriate use of the product, etc.).

***Under the guarantee, we offer to repair or replace the defective article. If the article cannot be replaced or repaired, and/or if the same article is no longer available after your warranty period, we will not offer any refund or exchange for you. MERIDIEM’ after-sales service department will organised the return of the article under guarantee; however, any article returned that is not covered by the guarantee (after the after-sales service department has agreed to accept its return) will incur extra costs which will be charged to the consumer (including taxes and customs duties).

***If you have purchased MERIDIEM product(s) during the pre-order / Kickstarter / Crowd funding / Sale items , we regret to inform you that there is "NO" refunds on your order.

***The consumer is free to choose how the product is sent and whether or not to take out insurance to cover the loss, theft or destruction of his parcel. MERIDIEM will not cover any of these costs or the cost of transport and may not be held liable for the non-receipt of the parcel. We recommend that customers send their parcel via a tracking service. In general terms, customers must cover all the costs and risks linked to the return of the product. MERIDIEM will only accept products that are returned complete, in perfect condition, in their original packaging and with a return number. Otherwise, the return will be considered to be non-compliant and we will not offer an exchange.

***The return conditions are flexible in order to offer you an incomparable shopping experience. However, the number of returns a customer makes is counted and we reserve the right to refuse an order if goods are repeatedly returned.

***If your watch is beyond repair it will be returned to you in the condition received.

For additional questions, please email us at

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