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Imagine if you never have to worry about your battery dying ever again.


NEW DESIGN  - UV Changing Colour Indexes

a great idea for Solar watch and modern design for Auto watch






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Free energy essentials in a modern design

The AM08 watch utilizes a special Solar Power Movement in combination with 
- the solar powered Seiko.
This uses all sorts of light to charge its state-of-the-art titanium lithium ion battery.  
So, it can be charged indoors or out and does not need to be plugged in. 

However, it loves sunlight as that will charge it the quickest. -Ready power for 
a day in 1 minute: Just one minute of sunlight delivers one hour of charge 
and the watch is fully charged after just 5 hours.
(5 hours in direct sunlight or 45 hours in the office)
And if your AM08 becomes low on power, 
the seconds hand will tick every 2 seconds to let you know it needs light.

At the heart of AM09 watches is a high-precision, Japan made automatic 
movement . It making for a smooth sweeping second hand across the dial. 
Quality watch movements will have17 jewels. Our movement incorporates 
21 jewels to reduce friction, ensure high accuracy, maintain temperature stability, 


Power Reserve: More than 40 Hours the ability to operate without lubrication. 

In addition, AM09 movement incorporates Miyota's proprietary shock resistance 
technolog. Is the perfect balance between precision and durability. 

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